Federal government media monitoring keeps tabs on political opponents


The Conservative government is being accused of using some of its multi-million-dollar media monitoring contracts for political purposes to keep an eye on opponents and potential scandals that could derail the party’s electoral hopes. The government has spent more than $20 million on media monitoring contracts since December 2012, despite maintaining more than 3,300 communications staff across government.

Academics Denounce Audit Of Centre For Policy Alternatives


OTTAWA - More than 400 academics are demanding the Canada Revenue Agency halt its audit of a think-tank, saying the Conservative government is trying to intimidate, muzzle and silence its critics.

Cranky tycoon mad that kids these days think "corporation" is a "bad word"


What's the matter with kids these days? According to one fabulously wealthy corporate executive, the problem is they're taking the words "corporation" and "profit" in vain. That's what Gwyn Morgan tells readers in a Globe and Mail opinions piece. Morgan is the former CEO of oil and gas company EnCana who served as chairman of SNC-Lavalin's board of director until last year. He's acted as an advisor to BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark. Stephen Harper tapped him to head a review board for public appointments, but MPs nixed the idea.

Blaine Higgs warns economic recovery 'at risk' in election


Finance Minister Blaine Higgs warns the province’s continued economic recovery is contingent on the re-election of the Progressive Conservatives in the Sept. 22 election. Pension deal Finance Minister Blaine Higgs said the economy is turning around but it is not time to change governments in the Sept. 22 election. (CBC) The finance minister issued the final financial statement before the upcoming provincial election on Wednesday. The report showed the province’s deficit hit $498.7 million for 2013-14. While the Progressive Conservatives promised in the 2010 election to balance the budget during their first term, Higgs said on Thursday the economy is turning around and its future improvement rests with the Tories remaining at the helm of the provincial government.

Canada’s slow-motion jobs crisis


When it comes to Stephen Harper’s track record on job creation, and what it might mean for his re-election bid next year, it helps to know which employment legacy we’re referring to: his boast that the economy has created 1.1 million jobs since the recession, or the three Senate jobs he doled out in 2008 that haunt him still? The consensus is that the latter poses the greatest risk to the Prime Minister. The Mike Duffy Senate expense scandal will almost certainly continue to deliver manna to journalists right through the rest of the year, with the possibility of a trial underway next fall, just as the campaign gets going. Patrick Brazeau’s fraud case will probably bubble up somewhere in there and Pamela Wallin’s might, too, if the RCMP follow through on their fraud allegations with charges. All three cases threaten to cast a long shadow over the campaign.

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