Continuity of Learning

To support the continuity of learning, this repository provides a bank of simple activities for children of all ages. These activities can be easily delivered by educators, parents, guardians and/or caregivers.

Easy-to-Do at-Home Activities

Fair Shares

Topic: Math
Grade: 2 – 8

Five hearts cards on table

Magic Number

Topic: Math
Grade: JK – 12

Elementary student using imagination to sketch ideas on notebook in an outdoor setting while the sun is setting.

Poetry Writing

Topic: Language Arts
Grade: 2 – 8

Five speech bubbles with question marks centered over a bright yellow background

20 Questions

Topic: Other
Grade: JK – 12

Quick, Easy & Fun Activity

Topic: Physical Activity
Grade: JK – 4

Curious child exploring world. Portrait of inquisitive little curly boy looking through fingers shaped like binoculars and expressing amazement. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background

I Spy

Topic: Other
Grade: JK – 12

Mental Health and Well-Being Resources

A blueprint for a different kind of back-to-school

Trauma-Informed Teaching and Learning Information Sheet

Resources for Teachers


Grade 4


Grade 5


Grade 6

Grade 7

Mental Health Stigma: Challenging it Together!

Topic: Mental Health
Grade: 5 – 12
Source: Canadian Teachers’ Federation

Supply Line: Analyzing Propaganda Posters

Topic: History,  Media literacy
Grade: 7 – 12
Source: Canadian War Museum

Virtual Tours

Learning Activities

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